Sustainability at UBM

Wheel infographic including icons and headings for each of UBM’s five sustainability focal areas

Being an ethical, sustainable business is central to how we behave, how we make decisions and how we do business every day.

There are five key elements to our sustainability agenda:

People: We recognise the importance of engaging, motivating, training and supporting our people

Communities: We support the social communities in which we work - those local to our offices as well as those local to our events

Environment: We manage UBM's business in a responsible way, reducing our environmental impact whenever possible

Customers: We collaborate and engage with our customers on sustainability

Governance: We organsie ourselves to run our business responsibly and ethically and manage risk appropriately


Our sustainability efforts have been recognised by various external audiences


We are part of the FTSE4Good index


We are listed in the CDP’s Climate Disclosure Leadership Index and in 2016 received awards for ‘Biggest Emissions Reduction (relative)’ and for ‘Science Based Targets'

ISO accreditation

ISO accreditation
In 2012 we became one of the first global companies to achieve ISO20121 standard for Sustainable Event Management.

UFI Sustainable Development Award

UFI Sustainable Development Award
In 2015 we received the sustainable development award from the global association of the Exhibitions industry, UFI

Sustainability at our events

We strive to raise awareness of sustainability issues among our suppliers, our customers and the owners of the venues we use.

In 2012 we became one of the first global companies to achieve ISO20121 standard for Sustainable Event Management. We continue to focus on achieving certification for our events across the globe.

During 2016 we began our “Sustainable 10” internal campaign to deliver further progress at the event level. See here to view our Sustainable 10 infographic.

Examples of our sustainability initiatives

Managing our environmental impact is a key focus for UBM and we have made good progress:

  • 15% reduction in global offices' emissions per employee since 2010 (exceeding the targeted 10% by 2016).
  • We became a leader in climate disclosure for the industry as the only events-based business to be included in the CDP FTSE 350 Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI), scoring 100 - the maximum number of points available.
  • We joined the CDP 'Commit to Action' programme ahead of the UN climate change conference COP 21 in Paris.
  • We received CDP awards for ‘Biggest Emissions Reduction (relative)’ and we set a ‘Science Based Targets (SBT)’ to reduce emissions from events and offices by 11.4% per square metre by 2020 in order to reduce global warming.
  • The new London office achieved LEED Platinum certification - the highest level of certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Industry leading energy efficiencies has meant that energy usage in the new building has been reduced by 50%, saving over £0.1m per annum.
  • Global event emissions calculations were carried out for the third year. UBM continues to be the only global event's organiser to monitor the carbon footprint of its events.
  • We continue to focus on achieving certification for our events across the globe.

You can read our Environmental policy.

We regularly participate in CDP and our submissions have been assured by Trucost for the last four years. You can read our 2016 Assurance Statement AA1000 and 2015 Assurance Statement AA1000.

Utilities data from UBM offices has been recorded over the last 5 years. We are now also reporting on energy usage and waste from our events.

  Average coverage 2013 2014 2015
Energy usage 95% of offices
91% of events
14,289 MWh 11,935 MWh 9,868 MWh
18,366 MWh
Waste to landfill 40% of offices
84% of events
23.7 tonnes 15.7 tonnes 16.3 tonnes
4,631 tonnes

Please refer to page 85 of the 2015 Annual Report for calculation and methodology

For each new UBM office, energy 'smart meters' are installed wherever possible. These meters measure UBM's energy usage on a real-time basis, enabling accurate monitoring and therefore management of usage. Monthly energy reduction league tables keep facilities and sustainability teams aware of the office's position in the league and the associated cost savings.

This technology, reporting and regular communication has enabled us to consistently reduce energy usage at our offices over the last three years.

Carbon emissions
We also measure our carbon footprint.