Events range from large scale global industry tradeshows through to much smaller scale incentive events. Events are recognised as one of the few ‘traditional’ media types which have continued to thrive in the digital age.  The unique experience of face-to-face interaction between buyers and sellers provided by tradeshows continues to be an important part of many industries’ sales and marketing activities but is increasingly complemented by digital components. 

The global exhibition industry grew 4% in 2013 to $23billion. AMR, the events industry analyst, has projected a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for the global events industry of  5% between 2013–2018. 

With an estimated 4.1% share of the world market for events, UBM is recognised as the world’s second largest organiser in the highly fragmented events industry where the top 10 exhibitions' organisers account for only 16% of the market share.

     1  UBM and Advanstar market shares aggregated        
     2  Shows exhibition organising revenue only      
     3  Other includes revenues from venues

While the market share of each event within the specific niche community / geography it serves is the key to the strength of the UBM portfolio, UBM’s event portfolio is biased towards faster growth Emerging Markets where it is particularly well represented.  Following the acquisition of Advanstar, UBM is the largest organiser in the US generating 41% of its events revenue there, more in line with the market as a whole.


UBM events provide communities with the opportunity to connect, transact and share knowledge. Most of our events are ‘exhibitor paid’ tradeshows. A small number of our events (principally our US-based technology shows) are ‘attendee paid’ events. UBM also operates a number of conferences, usually as components of a wider portfolio of media products designed to serve a particular commercial community.

UBM runs events worldwide and has a particularly strong presence in Emerging Markets (non-G10 countries, notably for UBM China, Brazil, India, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Mexico and UAE) creating a unique platform on which to grow in parallel with these fast-developing economies.


UBM has strong brands serving professional and commercial communities in a wide range of fast-growing industry verticals. As a result we have a diversified customer base though we are not overly exposed to the fortunes of any one sector.


For more detailed information on UBM’s strategy and business performance in this segment, please refer the UBM Annual Report and Accounts.

UBM Asia now hosts some of our largest shows in China covering a wide range of industries: the video below features the 2013 APLF Materials, Manufacturing & Technology event hosted in Hong Kong.

UBM Event Logos

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