Other Marketing Services

UBM’s Other Marketing Services help clients enhance their branding, customer awareness, reach and engagement, and to generate sales leads using a range of sector-specific digital and print products (such as community websites, digital directories and print publications).  These products offer clients measurable return on investment and high audience engagement through our online products, while the publication of controlled circulation print titles provides a traditional display advertising platform.

For UBM’s ‘Events First’ strategy the key value of Other Marketing Services is in enabling us to extend and enhance our events both beyond the physical event environment and outside the narrow timeframe in which the physical event takes place.  Engaging with our customers throughout the year, particularly online, enables us to collect data which we use to build valuable customer insights, which in turn help us improve our events so they better serve our customers.

Many of our events already have a range of complimentary online assets (e.g. event websites and / or digital product or vendor directories) which serve their communities and provide a way for our events to serve and engage with customers on a daily basis, throughout the year.  Other Marketing Services products which are closely aligned with our events currently generate only about 40% of overall OMS revenue.  This proportion will rise over the next two to three years as we implement the ‘Events First’ strategy and focus on sustainable online and print marketing services closely aligned with Events.


For more detailed information on UBM’s strategy and business performance in this segment, please refer the UBM Annual Report and Accounts.

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