PR Newswire

PR Newswire provides communications products and services to professionals in marketing, public relations, corporate communications and investor relations roles in businesses, government and other non-commercial organisations. As well as distributing clients’ messages and information, PR Newswire also helps clients target audiences and monitors how effectively their messages are communicated.

Advertising, marketing, public relations, corporate communications and investor relations are increasingly using a common set of techniques and tools to communicate an organisation’s message more consistently and across a wider range of media.

The emerging digital environment is changing how many organisations communicate with their audiences. Interactive digital technology platforms allow organisations to develop their communications practice beyond traditional ‘one way’ techniques, adopting communications methods which drive engagement with target audiences.

Our businesses operating in the PR Newswire segment support professional communicators with a range of products and services which meet their emerging needs.

Click on the video below to learn how PR Newswire help customers reach and engage with audiences across a range of multimedia platforms.

PR Newswire

PR Newswire enables organisations to distribute their news and marketing messages efficiently, helping clients to target their distribution and monitor the impact of their releases. The business is primarily US and Canada-based but is experiencing significant growth beyond its core US markets.

PR Newswire has grown revenues every year since 2009 and derives approximately half its revenues from its core distribution business in the US.  Vintage, PR Newswire’s US public-filing business, has seen revenue growth driven by the SEC mandated introduction of XBRL. The remaining US revenues are derived from PR Newswire’s engagement products which service the growing demand from customers to drive engagement with their audiences using a rich mix of media, particularly video and photos. This trend has underpinned the increasing use of PR Newswire’s multimedia news releases (MNRs) and 19.1 % of PR Newsire's North American releases now have an element of mutlimedia attached. CNW is the leading press release distribution in Canada with market share in excess of 60%.

PR Newswire’s business continues to be supported by structural, worldwide trends such as more exacting disclosure requirements across national and international regulatory regimes, the continuing internationalisation of business and the growing multiplicity of channels to reach audiences. We expect these trends to continue over the long term.

The largest competitor to PR Newsire is BusinessWire and the competitive landscape is very fragmented.

1.  Assumed similar trend to other competitors

For more detailed information on UBM’s strategy and business performance in this segment, please refer the UBM Annual Report and Accounts.