UBM Events First strategy

UBM’s Events First strategy is how we realise our vision to be the world’s leading B2B events company for UBM’s key stakeholders: our customers, our employees and our investors.

To deliver our vision we have chosen to give strategic priority to UBM’s events business because we believe it provides the best long term opportunities for the business as a whole. PR Newswire remains a significant and important part of UBM and has its strategic focus on its core distributions.

Key strategic objectives

Delivering on UBM’s Events First strategy means:

Growing UBM’s business – by focusing on our larger events which are in the right industries and markets, as well as by better aligning our Other Marketing Services activities, we can optimise our Events growth opportunities.

Attractive Margin – we can increase UBM’s profitability by improving what we do each day, by working smarter, by sharing and standardising more, as well through investing in UBM’s core operating and business systems. The outcome will be that we can give ourselves more choice to reinvest in insight and innovation.

Best Platform – across UBM we are creating the industry’s best events delivery platform, with initiatives ranging from the development of shared, standardised data and technology tools to embedding a high performance culture and investing in UBM’s talented people.

Delivering the Events First strategy

The Events First strategy is built upon UBM’s core values, the UBM Commitments. You can find out more about the UBM Commitments here.

The Events First strategy has five key priorities:

Agile growth: We are actively managing UBM’s portfolio of tradeshows to focus on developing and acquiring events that are (or have clear potential to become) larger and more profitable.

Customer insight and innovation: We are investing in customer insight and innovation to improve our customers’ experiences and their return on investment at our events, and enable better engagement in more relevant ways.

Perational excellence.JPGOperational excellence: We are driving improvements in efficiency and effectiveness across the business that will liberate effort to enable more time for insight and innovation.

Standardised T & D.JPGStandardised technology and data: We are creating standardised platforms and processes which allow us to use new technologies and data to drive efficiency and effectiveness and deliver superior results to our customers.

High performance cultureJPG.JPGHigh performance culture: We will strengthen our culture, continue to invest in our people and sharpen our focus on excellence.