UBM People

UBM people

UBM employs over 5,000 people in more than 20 countries around the world.

There is no typical UBM employee – people of different ages, genders, races, cultures, sexual orientation, education, physical ability and personality are all represented at UBM. What unites us is the professional excellence and entrepreneurial spirit that keeps the business growing, achieving its potential, and delivering returns to shareholders.

What’s it like working at UBM?

Being an employee at UBM could mean anything from working on a tradeshow or conference serving a range of industry sectors in Asia, Europe or North America; an editorial role at one of UBM’s trade publications in the UK or the US; working on one of the world’s leading medical information systems in Europe or Asia; working at corporate headquarters in London or New York; managing the IT technology infrastructure across our offices – and all this is to name just a few examples! What UBM employees all have in common, however, is professional expertise, high performance and an entrepreneurial spirit.

But what’s it like day-to-day at UBM? What would you experience if you worked for us? Who better to ask than those who already do? Here some of our employees talk about their jobs and why they work for UBM.

UBM Asia

Sabine Liu

Career history: In 1995 after 13 years in the international gift, jewellery fashion and cosmetics industries, Sabine joined UBM Asia. She now leads a sales team of seven who sell UBM Asia's events throughout Asia to Taiwanese customers.

Says Sabine: “Working for UBM Asia and UBM is like being a soldier fighting on various battlefields at once. There are always new fields for me to conquer together with my colleagues and, whether we are winning or losing, the experiences and accomplishments add excitement to my life. My work involves international businesses, and contact with so many customers and colleagues in different countries broadens both my viewpoint and my knowledge. And often, it also brings new friends."

Letitia Chow Mei Lai

Career history: Letitia launched Asia’s leading magazine, Jewellery News Asia, in 1983, followed by a Chinese edition in 1994. She sold the business to UBM Asia in 1994 and joined the team as Publisher. In 1997 Letitia was promoted to Senior Manager of the Jewellery Group in Asia and took responsibility for expanding the jewellery exhibitions' business in China. In 2004 Letitia was appointed Director of Business Development whilst also maintaining her role as Group Publisher of the jewellery titles.

Says Letitia: "The strong sense of trust between management and staff, and the company’s willingness to invest in its people are key factors of the company's success. By offering training and development opportunities, UBM Asia successfully maintains a stable and competent team of local talent that contributes to the continuing growth of the business. My 17 years with the company have proved to be interesting, stimulating and fulfilling."

Wendy Yip

Career history: Wendy was an Executive Secretary before joining UBM Asia in 1993 as Research & Development Officer. In 1995 she promoted to Sales Executive and then Exhibition Sales Manager in 1998. Wendy is now the manager of UBA Asia’s offices in Guangzhou office where she now manages more than 20 staff.

Says Wendy: "Our office serves one of the most challenging and fast developing markets: China. As an employee of UBM Asia and part of UBM, I summarise my view of the job as four ‘e’s:
  • Enjoy – working within UBM Asia's family
  • Experience – both personal and company success
  • Exciting – doing good business with clients during a successful show
  • Expectation – to be number one in the market"

SeKyoo Oh

Career history: Sekyoo started in the exhibition industry in 1985 as Korean representative for several international event organisers. He joined UBM Asia in 1995 as representative director of UBM Asia’s Korea office. The Korea office now represents 89 exhibitions in Asia, (some of which take place in Korea), including some from UBM Live and UBM Technology.

Says SeKyoo: "I enjoy working in this industry and it is really worthwhile as it helps so many people in the business world. I am very proud of working with all the excellent and friendly colleagues at UBM Asia in the region. Doing my job fairly and properly helps all buyers and sellers to succeed in their businesses and also success to my staff. The exhibition industry is a great challenge and has become an important part of my life."

UBM Canon

Career History: Marco Aguilera has a 17-year tenure with UBM Canon. He worked as an art director in the newspaper industry before transitioning into publication design. He co-founded a web design and video company, which he later sold to focus on his new managerial role with UBM Canon. His artistic background and business experience has given him the knowledge to unfold offerings beyond the traditional design portals. The UBM Canon Creative Department designs marketing materials and web sites; records videos; and photographs live events.

Says Marco:"We all work diligently for our accomplishments. However, what is most important is who is amongst us during these significant milestones. I am proud and honored to be embraced by the remarkable UBM people I work with. It is truly my honor and privilege to be part of a company that promotes, embeds, and exhales professional and personal growth at all levels‹­regardless of job title or ethnicity."

Career History: Albert Sabbah has been with UBM Canon since 2004 coming from  an events-led Electronics company. He started his career at UBM Canon as a Regional Sales Representative on the Packaging and Automation Events team and worked his way up to Group Sales Manager which included the PTXi/Powder shows .  Promoted to Business Development Manager he then went on to launch several new events, the most recent being the MEDevice Forum and Pharmapack North America . His expertise is in business development, account managing and branding and employee training and development.

Says Albert: “I truly enjoy selling and engaging in face-face conversations, as well  cold calling and prospecting. Being in this role at UBM Canon enables me to switch  products frequently and build many relationships! I feel very fortunate to be part of a company that enables individual growth and proud of what we have accomplished in such a short amount of time. The mindset of giving our customers “Optimal Outcomes” shows that UBM Canon has strong work ethic, a high degree of integrity in the market place we serve and the ability to earn the trust of our customers.   I am fortunate that I have great managers at UBM Canon to help develop my strengths and professional skills and that they have entrusted me with delivering a product that I can be proud of.

Career History: Lisa joined UBM Canon as Editor of Packaging Digest in 2009 and was promoted to Executive Editor in 2012. She started her media career in 1982 just out of college and, in the 30+ years since then, has held various editorial roles with steadily increasing responsibilities at a number of business-to-business magazines—all within the packaging field.

 Lisa says: “I love the variety and never-ending opportunities available to me by working at UBM Canon. Each day, it seems, brings new prospects that continue to encourage me to develop professionally. The high-caliber of fellow employees creates a strong support group. I know my extended family has got my back, and that, together, we’re going to succeed. Packaging Digest has been the market leader for decades—we’re  celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2013—and I’m proud to help steer this dynamic media brand into new and profitable territories in the future.”

UBM Corporate (UK)

Career History: Kate joined as Head of IR in December 2010.  She began her career in Corporate Finance, working within the Corporate Broking Department of Deutsche Bank.  A yearning for a more thorough understanding of how companies operate and an improved work-life balance, led her to become IR Manager for Invensys plc.  A stint as Head of IR at Ladbrokes plc followed shortly thereafter, and following almost three fascinating years with the bookmaker she moved to UBM.

Says Kate: “Having worked in a variety of companies I’m always surprised by how much the culture of the companies differ.   I moved out of banking, not because the work wasn’t interesting but rather that I felt I was a resource rather than an individual.  By contrast I think UBM recognises the individuality of its employees and seeks to bring out the best in everyone.  I think the various development programmes taking place globally are impressive and the attitude to flexible working is more advanced than any other company I’ve worked in.  The culture of UBM is collaborative whilst at the same time entrepreneurial – people are encouraged to innovate (albeit with oversight from management!)  In the years that I have worked here I can genuinely say that, almost without exception, everyone from UBM I have met has been genuine, helpful and passionate about what they do.  How much someone likes their job is heavily influenced by the people they work with and, in this regard, anyone who comes to work for UBM has a high probability of loving that job.”


Career history: Jeremy joined UBMi as an IT Project Manager in September 2006 after more than 10 years in IT Projects in the Finance sector. He became UBMi’s Head of IT Projects in 2009, then moved over to UBM Head Office in 2011 to take up a position as Project Director. His work there has mostly revolved around acquisitions and disposals, working with the M&A team to ensure the smooth departure or integration of businesses in the UBM portfolio.

Says Jeremy: “The best thing about my job is the wide variety of activities, the exposure to so many different parts of the business and the mixture of rewards and challenges this variety brings. Working at UBM has allowed me to progress from a pure IT project background into a much wider and more fulfilling role, one that better suits my skill set and fits my personal aspirations. Working for people who push you to realise your full potential and are prepared to back this up with genuine career opportunities that reward your endeavors is a large part of why I have stayed and why I continue to enjoy my job."

Career history: In May 2012 Imke joined UBM’s UK Internship Programme as a People & Culture (Human Resources) Intern after completing her studies of Business Administration, Sociology and Human Resource Management.  Imke is now working as People & Culture Projects Analyst in London and is involved in transformational People & Culture projects together with colleagues across the globe. Imke is also responsible for UBM's Global Internship Programme.

Says Imke: "The trust people have in each others' abilities and the teamwork culture makes UBM a special place to work. Since I started as an intern I was never handled with ‘kid gloves’, not because people did not care about me, but because they did.  I was given challenging tasks from the beginning. UBM helped me to find my strengths and to develop my professional skills by providing me with the support and training I needed but also by giving me my own responsibilities and projects to lead. To work with people from all over the world is the finishing touch that makes working for UBM so enjoyable for me."

Career History: Emma joined the Group Finance team in 2009 as the Group Financial Accountant. In her current role, she manages the ‘technical accounting’ half of the Group Finance team with responsibilities for the UBM group external financial reporting and accounting standards, policies and controls. 

Says Emma: "The variety and opportunities at UBM means that no day is ever the same!  Our financial reporting continuously changes to reflect the dynamic nature of the group and its ability to react to the market place.  I really enjoy being able to work closely with finance teams in our operating businesses across the globe as well as other head office departments.  UBM has always supported my career development so I’m able to progress and learn to meet the next challenge".

UBM Live

Career history: Gabriela joined UBM in 2010. She works in the UBM Brazil office as the Event Manager of the food and pharma portfolio in South America.

Says Gabriela “I enjoy my job because every day is a different day, and we are constantly adapting. I am very proud of my work at UBM, especially in regards to Food Ingredients South America and CPhI South America events. I followed the growth of both of these shows, and now I have progressed to participating in their development strategy. I plan to work at UBM for many years to come, and I am very proud to work here.

Career history: Luke is what used to be called a Publisher at UBM. He is responsible for the content businesses of UBM Live London. The portfolio includes Big Data Republic, IFSEC Global, Safety and Health Practitioner and Call Centre.

Says Luke: “There is never a dull moment at UBM.  My team, and the variety of the projects we get through, forces me to raise my expectations every day. In the last nine months we’ve launched three businesses: Big Data Republic, IFSEC Global, and Call Centre Jobs, and have three re-launches about to go live: SHP Online, SHP4Jobs, Call Centre.  Connecting online communities and physical events is the big, exciting challenge, and one that UBM is well positioned to solve.”

Stuart Ellis

Career history: Stuart joined UBM’s Accounts Payable team in 2000, progressing to Team Leader. He moved to the Financial Systems Department in 2003 as Assistant Systems Accountant, then to his current role in 2005, where he supports the VPL, CM, ATC & Interiors portfolio with product analysis and financial data.

Says Stuart: "Throughout my time at UBM, the company has supported me through my studies at the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) and now for the CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) qualifications. The great thing about working here is the opportunity to develop your career while remaining in the company."

UBM Medica US

Career History: Jennifer originally joined UBM in March 2008 in the People & Culture department at the Manhasset, NY branch. In December 2011, she relocated to Connecticut and left her role as UBM LLC’s People & Culture Manager. Jennifer then switched careers and joined UBM Medica at the Norwalk, CT branch as a Project Manager.

Says Jennifer: “UBM Medica is a great place to work! The culture is fun, exciting and the opportunities are endless. I’m constantly engaged and feel like I am contributing to the bigger picture. UBM Medica’s values, vision and passion is why I love coming to work. Senior management also provides a clear and transparent line of communication regarding our business and encourages their employees to voice their opinions. I’m happy to be part of the UBM family!

Career History: Sarah Cameron Mifsud joined UBM Medica in 2006 as a project manager, after working in medical publishing and medical education for 8 years.  Sarah's initial work with the digital media team through the project management department provided a strong foundation for the digital media sales role she took on in 2008. Sarah currently leads digital media product development and sales for Oncology, Women’s Health, and Radiology on UBMMedica web sites.

Says Sarah: “I am always learning from my teammates – both within my department and across the company.  My team works constantly to meet the fluid expectations of our customers, and to ensure that our products are well positioned to address the evolving needs of our audience.  It is an exciting time to work in digital media as we integrate social media and mobile optimization into our sites.  Finding unique solutions through innovation is just part of my normal day at UBM Medica, which is what makes my job so rewarding!”  



PR Newswire

Sarah Skerik

Career history: Sarah worked for a PR Newswire affiliate business, PR News Service, in the early 1990s before joining PR Newswire in 1995. Sarah was promoted to her current role in 2005, as the first product manager for PR Newswire.

Says Sarah: "The internet changed so many things, and I no longer get a blank look when I say I work for PR Newswire. Ten years ago, we were a mystery; now we're a household name (almost). I was the national market manager for technology during the dot com boom, so I had a ringside seat to that entire spectacle. It’s a cool business – the market always has a new twist or turn to keep us on our feet, so in ten years a lot has changed. We still have the same tremendous culture we had back in 1995 though, and many of the same people, too! The fact that you can't go to any meeting without bumping into a company veteran speaks volumes about PR Newswire. People who succeed here are inquisitive, show a lot of initiative, and like learning. Everything is always changing, and those who embrace change will always be well positioned for success."

Sarah Skerik

Career history:Jennifer began her career with PR Newswire in 2006 as a Customer Services Representative. She soon moved into an Inside Sales position and in 2009, Jennifer was promoted to a management role responsible for driving a team to deliver outstanding customer service to PR Newswire customers.

Says Jennifer:"Evolution is what has kept PR Newswire in a leading position in the communications industry since 1954. When I began my career with the company,  the concept of social media was just sprouting legs and PR Newswire was a driving force in educating customers on how they could benefit from leveraging such platforms. Over time, PR Newswire/UBM have anticipated the changing landscape and developed products and services to help our customers adapt, too. This had made PR Newswire/UBM an exciting place to work!"

Sarah Skerik

Career history: Jennifer worked in the service industry as a bartender before joining PR Newswire in 2010 in the customer service role.  She was promoted to her current title in 2012, shortly after the integration of the customer support and editorial roles in the operations department at PR Newswire.

Says Jennifer: "PR Newswire stays on the cutting edge of the communications industry by continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of our clients, and my team is on the front lines of this client interaction.  Every day brings new and exciting challenges for my team, and we’re encouraged to voice our opinions and ideas for improving processes and products to keep PR Newswire on top of the game.  Frequent training opportunities help me to expand my knowledge of industry topics like social media and SEO, which I use daily to properly coach clients on their communications goals.  I consider myself lucky to work for an industry-leading company that really invests in its employees, and with a group of colleagues that strives for excellence and innovation.   Our success is a company-wide collaborative effort, and I’m proud to be a part of it."

Sarah Skerik

Career history: Carrie worked as a web content specialist for an independent start-up before joining MultiVu, a PRNewswire company, in 2008. Her ever evolving job is now Senior Business Intelligence Specialist, working with the endless stream of data to create customer ROI reports for multimedia distributions.

Says Carrie: "I was so excited to join PRNewswire/MultiVu because I actually used their services during my journalism studies at New York University. My job is exciting because I get to delve into so many aspects of evolving multimedia communication. Multimedia is a second language for my generation and PRNewswire is speaking it in creative ways to keep at the forefront of the business. PRNewswire is so much more than a newswire. In my 5 years here I have watched us change and grow to stay on the cutting edge of industry story-telling.  We also make sure customers get a return on their investment. It has been very exciting adapting to demands for quality, not just quantity, of data for that return. We share the news behind the news. I am always challenged to be better at sharing, which makes PRNewswire a great, dynamic place to be!”

UBM Tech

Career history: Jennifer Jessup started at UBM in 1998 as the conference manager for Software Development, a trade show taking place in San Francisco and Boston. After a year of wrangling keynote and conference speakers, Jennifer moved to the Event Operations group – managing a team who produced a series of events including the Game Developer Conference, Digital Video Expo, and Embedded Systems. In 2006 Jennifer took on the management of a new acquisition in the chemical market, transitioning Informex from an association-based trade show, driving profit while maintaining community. In 2012 she returned to her technology roots and became the general manager of Interop – the largest North American trade show for IT professionals.

Says Jennifer: "I am a very lucky person. I've worked at UBM for over 15 years, travelled the world, worked on successes and a few failures (gotta learn from your mistakes!) and have an amazing collection of friends. Friends doesn't quite capture it, UBM is my extended family. I jumped on opportunities to grow and UBM has supported me all the way."