These are very important documents and are proof of your shareholding. They should be kept in a safe place. You will need them to sell/transfer some or all or your shares.

In most cases there is a charge to replace share certificates so we advise that you ensure you have looked thoroughly before requesting a new one. For detail about how to request a new certificate and the associated fees, please click here.

If you are administering an estate, you may need to transfer shares into the names of beneficiaries or sell the holding. The first step is to write to Equiniti telling them what you are going to do. They will then place a temporary marker on the register to ensure that, wherever possible, they do not issue further dividend payments or other correspondence in the shareholder's name. They will also send you the forms that you will need to complete.

Click here for the registrar's contact details.

US tax rules impose certain reporting obligations on issuers of “specified securities” that undertake organisational actions which affect the tax basis of US shareholders in such securities. UBM has prepared an IRS Form 8937 for its US shareholders with respect to the Company’s rights offering, and will keep the form available on its website until December 2024 to satisfy these US tax reporting rules.


For further frequently asked questions on a variety of topics please go to our registrar’s website:

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