The Customer Insight Teams for the Food and Pharma Portfolio Volunteer to Cook for the Homeless of Amsterdam

Food Ingredients team preps food at a homeless shelter

The Customer Insight Teams for the Food and Pharma Portfolio  prep food at a homeless shelter

Sure, UBM has a portfolio focussed on food ingredients. We connect people feeding growing global populations, but there are hungry people right here and now, too.

UBM encourages staff to volunteer during work hours, so some of our Amsterdam team made lunch, including brownies and whipped cream, for 45 homeless people at the Stoelenproject

For one long morning, the team chopped, cooked and washed up.

Food for homeless

In 2016, UBM supported communities in many other ways. Many of the events we create collaborate with not-for-profits. For example, a baby and maternity event in China coordinates an opportunity at the event for customers to donate supplies - from care seats to clothes – to children across the nation. An event for medical device engineers offers free attendance to high schools science teachers and college students looking to stay abreast of the latest in robotics, battery life and other aspects of STEM. Efforts extend to internal meetings: An off-site meeting for event managers donated all leftover food, drinks and materials to a local shelter.

Food for homeless

Staff also can request matching donations from UBM for some of their favorite (non-political) causes. We’ve matched donations to museums, dance collectives, diabetes foundations, groups trying to end child abuse and hospitals, among many other examples.

UBMers also offer their skilled services to not-for-profits, from creating fundraising events to offering advice on marketing tactics.

Whether connecting industry or scrubbing pots, UBMers keep the focus on human connections that matter.

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