The Blogosphere Loves UBM Fashion Events. And UBM Loves You Back


The fashion media – from street bloggers to captains of industry - turns out for UBM’s fashion events, like Magic, Coterie and Platform. This is where trends get made, designers discovered and stores decide what the world will wear. It’s the place to be, to be seen. And we love being in the middle of it.

Fashion is one of UBM’s biggest sectors.

Here’s just taste of what media discovered at this year’s events. Thanks for coming, guys:

StyleMakers TV loved fashions from South Korean designer Kye whose work focuses on themes of pain and healing:

Phat Inc featured high heels from Hades Footwear and hip-hop-centered design from Streetzizwatchin:

Global Purchasing Company offers advice on how to launch a fashion brand at our shows, starting from packing only carry-on. Mercedes Gonzalez, company director says she has been coming to our fashion events for 30 years and still has to “catch her breath” every time she comes:

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