Keeping The Focus on Customer Experience at CMBE China

The team running UBM's Children-Baby-Maternity Expo China (CBME China) 2016 had a challenge. Over 85,000 attendees were coming to the July show - now at a new venue. How could they make sure all those people didn't spend too much time waiting in line or looking for the right vendor?

CBME staff saw it through the customers' eyes.

Since registration was outdoors in the Shanghai heat, strategically placed mist fans kept things cool. And over half the attendees skipped the line altogether, registering on-site via WeChat and showing a QR code at the door instead of a badge.

Once inside, extra staff provide directions, and the team put on extra signage and information booths.

To speed exiting, UBM arranged extra trains with the metro and gave away 15,000 metro tickets per day, saving attendees' time in buying tickets. The team even had taxi companies direct over 2,300 taxis to the venue during closing time.

That's how you throw a party with people in mind.

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