What High-End Interior Design and Caring for the Elderly Have in Common


UBM's Decorex event celebrates luxury interior design. Its Care & Dementia event helps people caring for the nation's elderly.


At first glance, these two events have little in common. But all UBM shows emphasise sustainability - making events better for the environment and society.

Here are some of the ways Decorex and Care & Dementia improved their work in 2016.

Decorex 2016

  • LED lights for shell-scheme stands reduce energy usage by 80%.
  • Decorex provides a free stand, marketing resources, and connections for industry-relevant charities, including Fine Cell Work who support and train prisoners in paid, skilled, creative needlework.
  • Instead of plastic bags, attendees can have a reusable, environmentally friendly, cotton show bag from Bags of Ethics, who promote safer factory conditions, worker rights, pay and employment policies within their supply chain.
  • Many elements of the show build are reusable or recyclable. For example, the lining of the tent where much of the event is held is reusable and work benches are donated.

Care & Dementia 2016

  • A 25% off voucher for Trainline encourages exhibitors and visitors to reduce their carbon impact by using the train to get to the event.
  • The B.A.T Foundation, a health and wellbeing charity delivering a specialized table tennis Alzheimer's therapy, have a free stand at the show.
  • All space-only stands are packed up to be reused again.
  • For the first time ever, the show has no excess waste charges; that means there hasn't been much waste.
  • Lights over empty areas are set to 50% for efficient use of electricity.
  • The majority of direct mail and the event guide are printed on recycled paper, reducing environmental impact by 28%.

Small efforts across UBM's hundreds of global events add up.

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