What We Really do at UBM: Give Kids Prosthetics, Tackle Diversity, Launch Careers


UBM is a leader in organising business-to-business events, and the heart of that work is what happens when you connect people.

A viral campaign dubbed #WhatWeDo highlights some great examples from UBM’s businesses in the Americas:

  • At MD&M, we connect 3-D printing technologists with medical experts. The simple manufacturing process slashes the cost to produce prosthetics, making them available for the first-time to many fast-growing kids.
  • At Black Hat, we put together panels to tackle hiring, supporting and working with minorities and women in computer science related jobs. 
  • At the MDEA Awards, we celebrate engineers who solve fundamental healthcare challenges. One award winner developed a speech enhancement device that helps critical care patients communicate their final thoughts and stories with their family. He built it after he couldn’t easily understand his own wife, just when she most needed to speak.
  • At MAGIC, we launch the careers of inspired designers. Kate Spade was one.

Trade shows may seem like boring business affairs, but the impact is deeply human.

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